On The Day Advocate Tasks –

  • Be prepared to arrive early and stay late as required.
  • Perform support tasks allocated to you for the day.  Tasks are allocated in advance.  It is important to note that all Advocates should expect to miss some talks during the day.
  • Contact your allocated participants to:
    • Meet face-to-face, and ensure they feel welcome.
    • Answer any questions they have.
    • Facilitate connections with other members of the community that might have a shared goal or purpose.  Efforts will be made to allocate participants with similar interests and goals to the same advocate to help support this process.
  • Mingle with all participants to ensure no one is feeling overwhelmed, alone, isolated or suffering from introvert overload, while also striking up meaningful conversations about the ideas contained within the talks.

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Advocate Tasks

TEDx Brisbane Advocate - Ian Coombe
TEDx Brisbane Advocates - Flavia Ian Coombe
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TEDxBrisbane Advocate
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