Before The Day Advocate Tasks –

  • Have a sound knowledge of TEDx and the history of the community¬†
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of this years event, and be able to answer FAQs
  • Sign and return the Advocate Agreement form.
  • Contact their allocated participants (up to 15 individuals) in a nominated window prior to the event to:
    • welcome them to the community
    • answer any questions they have about the upcoming event or source those answers if unknown
    • gain an understanding of what world/life/city changing goal they will be working on over the next 12 months and what impact they are looking to have, to determine what assistance you might be able to provide, including identification of potential connections that might be desirable for them to make in the community on event day.
    • find out if they are nervous about event day, as some introverts are, and think of ways to support them
    • share your own goals, ideas, and challenges with them to create an ongoing point of conversation.
    • share with them what you are personally planning to stand up for in the next 12 months
    • encourage them to set up their profile on the TEDxBrisbane app, once live, and share as much detail and contact information as they are comfortable with.
  • Contact their allocated participants again 48 hours ahead of event day for final confirmation of attendance and to address any last-minute questions.
  • Advise allocated participants of your location for the first part of the morning (arrivals/registrations) so they can seek you out if they wish to do so.
  • Actively engage in our online community, including engaging with posts on all platforms you are active on.
  • Attend a half-day advocate training day before the event (date to be confirmed).
  • Be available to assist with bump-in activities in the lead up to event day.

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Advocate Tasks

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