TEDxBrisbane 2023

Claire Lane

We’re throwing away medical supplies that could save lives

Dinesh Palipana

Why medicine needs to embrace workflow innovation & technology

Jim Hogan

The imperative role of neuroinclusion in driving business innovation

Tiana Iuvale

The power of regratitude: Reframing regrets through a gratitude lens

Tegan Leibbrandt

If you see a problem, consider starting a business to solve it

Larrikin Puppets

Why am I here? The existential crisis of puppetry

Alexandra Metse

‘Healthy sleep’ might not be what you think it is

Jo Kelly

How seaweed can protect the Great Barrier Reef

Mark Berridge

The power of doing hard things

TEDxBrisbane 2022

Daniel Allen

How funky workwear breaks down mental health barriers to save lives

Danish Kazmi

How to reduce sand mining and save beaches using crushed waste glass

Jenny Wynter

“The perspective of a rabbit”: An improvised TEDx Talk

CJ Blumenthal

Just because you’re great at something doesn’t mean you have to do it

Lisa Cox

Why embracing diversity in advertising is good for business

Ruby Gilbert

“Oh, Bones” — TEDx Performance

Waveney Yasso

“Breathe” — TEDx Performance

Sam Penny

How to support local food producers and grow local economies

Adrienne Alexander

Experiential learning: the education revolution we need to have.

Owen Ung

Can 3D printers help breast cancer survivors?


‘idk’ and ‘Hey!’

TEDx Performance

Geoff Smith

Katrina Marson

George Blair-West

The link between romantic love and divorce risk

Libby Trickett

The bodies of girls and women in sport are none of your business

TEDxBrisbane 2017

George Blair-West

Preventing Divorce: Top 3 Life Hacks For Singles

Brendan Gaffney & Arne Nilsen

World’s First Flood-Resilient Ferry Terminals

Cedar Anderson

Why The World Needs Backyard Inventors

Gemma Sharp

Why We Should Talk About Vulvas, Not Vaginas

Peter Ellerton

The Right To Be Heard But Not To Be Taken Seriously

Sister Angela Mary Doyle

Impact Through Empathy: A Nun’s Tale

Denise Hagan

A Radical Approach To Working With Indigenous Communities

Ben MacMahon

How A Designer Is Helping Stroke Patients

Trudi Collet

Curing Zika Virus With A Native Australian Plant

Richard Denniss

How Materialism Will Save The Planet

Rolf Gomes

Bringing Health Equity To The Bush

Tess Boyd-Caine

How Seeing A Lawyer Can Be Good For Your Health

Matt Granfield

The World Needs Small Ideas Too

TEDxSouthBank 2016

Sahara Beck

Dreams Only Work If You Do

Corey Allen

Fighting Crime With Empathy

Amanda Bradley

Abortion Isn’t On Any Woman’s Bucket List

Lee Crockford

How To Save A Life

Jackie Campbell

Our Pets: Rethinking The Way We Say Goodbye

Juliet Bourke

How To Be Smarter & Make Better Choices

Maya Newell

I Am Queerspawn

Jordan Duffy

The Internet Of Things

Karyn Walsh

Hope For The Homeless

Finding My Voice

Timothy McCallum

Lara Nobel

Tiny Homes Of The Future

Scott Bolland

Neuroscience, AI & The Future Of Education

Natahlia Joy Buitendyk

Yoga & The Power Of Generosity

Drisana Levitzke-Gray

Deaf Children Need Sign Language