TEDxBrisbane Advocate FAQs

The TEDxBrisbane Advocate program is both unique & fundamental to shaping the TEDxBrisbane experience & community. To our knowledge is it the first and only one of its kind in the TEDx world, though an increasing number of TEDx organisers are approaching us to implement their own local versions of it within their community. 

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Advocate program.

Is ‘advocate’ just your word for volunteers?

No. All our advocates are volunteers, but not all our volunteers are advocates (some volunteers have production crew and management roles). Our Advocates perform a great many of the on-the-day duties, but just as important is their role as community builders, welcoming and engaging with participants, especially first-time TEDxers.

So what do advocates actually do?

Advocates perform many of the vital on-the-day tasks that make our event possible.  Some are obvious, like helping participants register, helping to serve food during breaks or acting as door ushers to prevent people entering the theatre during filming.  Others are more hidden, though vital, such as sweeping floors, arranging tables or emptying bins while everyone else is listening to talks.

Advocates also play a vital role in developing our TEDx community here in Brisbane.  They contact each participant ahead of the day to welcome them into the community and answer all questions one on one.  They help foster meaningful discussions on the day amongst participants, including identifying which participants would benefit from being connected with each other due to a similarity in ideas, goals or challenges.  Beyond event day, advocates continue to engage with their allocated participants helping them to stay inspired, put their ideas into action, and make ongoing connections throughout the community. They are a vital part of our TEDx community here in Brisbane.

Are participants randomly allocated to each advocate?

No.  While this would be far simpler from a logistical point of view, we work hard to try to match participants strategically to the best possible advocate for them.

How do you become an advocate?

We ask those interested in becoming an advocate to apply online in the lead-up to the event.  In order to become an advocate, you must be a member of our alumni community (someone who has attended a TEDxSouthBank or TEDxBrisbane live event in person previously).

If you are a member of our Alumni and you would like to apply to become and advocate you can apply here.


Why do you limit advocate opportunities to alumni?

Two reasons.

Every TEDx community, while part of the global TEDx movement, has its own values and character.  We find the best people to welcome others into our own TEDx community are those who have experienced it first hand as a participant.

Secondly, the mission of TED – Ideas worth spreading, means that we are always struggling to find a balance between allocating tickets to alumni who are already members of our community, and spreading the TEDx message to new first time TEDxers.  The advocate program is one way we can provide an opportunity for members of our much-loved alumni community to grow their personal engagement with TEDx.

Do advocates get to sit in the theatre for the talks?

We aim for Advocates to be able to be in the theatre for as many sessions as possible, however advocates will likely miss at least one full session while completing on the day tasks. Last year the majority of our advocates only missed seeing four talks live on the day.

When do applications close?

Applications to be an advocate for 2018 have just opened.  To ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to apply for an advocate position in 2018 get in fast as spaces are limited.

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Advocate Tasks


Advocate Tasks

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