In this unexpected and surprising talk, Larrikin Puppets dissects a hidden existential crisis in puppetry that questions its fundamental purpose and role in the world. It reveals an undercurrent that seeks to constrain puppetry within narrow genres or assign it a value based on where it is performed, the cost of the ticket, or the age of the audience it is created for. It challenges us to expand our understanding of what puppetry was, is, and can be. Brett Hansen and Elissa Jenkins of the award-winning Larrikin Puppets, do their part to ensure our youngest generation experiences fun and laughter while embracing kindness and inclusion through the unexpected and, at times, misunderstood practice of puppetry.
With a catalogue of performances – including pop-up theatre, in-theatre productions, school curriculum-aligned presentations, and puppetry for film and TV – their highly entertaining, captivating and comedic puppetry is fast-paced, feel good, and accompanied by original songs. Their shows nurture child development in a non-condescending way, encouraging audiences to talk, dance, sing and play along.

Brett and Elissa, who trained in the USA under puppeteers from The Muppets and Sesame Street, won ‘Best Kids Live Show’ in 2021 at the national What’s On 4 Kids Awards.
Australia’s own blue monster entertainer and MC extraordinaire, Troggg (the middle g is silent), made his TEDx debut along with human co-presenter Elissa.

Larrikin Puppets
TEDx Speaker


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