The TEDxBrisbane Advocate Program

The TEDxBrisbane Advocate program is a world-first in the global TEDx community, and it is core to the TEDxBrisbane experience.

At TEDxBrisbane we are determined to see great ideas put into action. We are all about impact. We’re on a mission to change our community, our city and the world. 

We believe to make that happen, we need to enact four important steps:

            Step 1: Present strategically curated ideas worth spreading,

            Step 2: Bring together a community of thinkers, doers and change-makers, 

            Step 3: Inspire them to translate ideas into action that makes a positive difference, and 

            Step 4: Connect them with other people who are like-minded, driven and well placed through knowledge, skills, experience or connections to help them drive positive change.

We call this our engineering impact strategy, and it informs everything we do, making attending a TEDxBrisbane event a truly unique experience.

The TEDxBrisbane Advocate program is the realisation of the all-important Step 4.

It is the ultimate, purpose-driven, engagement program that is designed to help each and every person who attends our events to make strategic, individually tailored connections that will help them to advance their own goals and projects – regardless of what they might be.  Think custom-tailored networking without the small talk and awkward mismatches.

Once you have purchased your ticket to attend TEDxBrisbane, you will be matched with a TEDxBrisbane Advocate.  This person will be specifically chosen for you, based on the details you provide when applying to be a part of the TEDxBrisbane audience.

Your Advocate is responsible for welcoming you to the community ahead of the event.  They will personally call you prior to event day to introduce themselves and answer any questions you might have about the logistics of attending.  More importantly, they will ask you about what you are working on, trying to achieve or aspiring to do, and what are the biggest challenges or barriers holding you back – the things a hand-picked new connection might help you to overcome.

Of course, it is entirely up to you what or how much you share – but this is an opportunity to have the team at TEDxBrisbane, with their vast collective networks, find you strategic and intentional connections, and facilitate those introductions. 

Based on the information you give during this call, in addition to what you provided during your audience application, and with the support of the broader Advocate team, your Advocate will use their extensive knowledge of the TEDxBrisbane community to create a custom, personalised list of connections within the community we’d like to help you make – to advance the work you are doing and help accelerate or amplify the impact you are looking to have – be it large or small.

Some of these recommended connections might seem a little left-field when you first read them – but trust us – some of the best, high-impact outcomes through the TEDxBrisbane Advocate Program have come from connecting seemingly random people.  We know what we’re doing, and nothing we recommend is accidental.

Best yet – this custom-designed, concierge networking experience is included in your TEDxBrisbane ticket price!