Hi, we’re Wordfetti.

Wordfetti is a brand strategy and copywriting house specialising in helping brands stand out through the power of psychology and words. We do this in three ways: our studio, school and shop. We use the power of words and storytelling to get your brand noticed. At the heart of everything we do is a genuine curiosity about what makes your brand radically different.

We dig deep to figure out, what’s your story? Who are your people? And most importantly – how do we connect the two? Our team of expert writers and strategists will work with you at all stages of your content creation. We guide emerging brands through launch phases, existing brands through upgrades and growth, and legacy brands in identity shifts and content audits. Wherever you are on your journey, there’s always a place for storytelling.

Why does Wordfetti support TEDxBrisbane?

Wordfetti is so excited to partner with TEDxBrisbane. We see, first-hand, the impact of sharing our stories in order to grow, learn, and improve. Wordfetti is obsessed with the power of words – and love how Tedx has turned this into a global phenomenon.

Tedx talks about ‘ideas worth spreading’. At Wordfetti, we aim to be the vehicle for that: through creative and engaging copy, we hope to open up conversations with an audience that can change the world.

Thank you Wordfetti for bringing your fantastic skills to promote the TEDxBrisbane program! 

– A message from the TEDxBrisbane Executive Director.

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There are limited partnership opportunities still available for 2023.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please email hello@tedxbrisbane.com.au