Gamify your city & augment your reality.

In their talk at TEDxBrisbane 2018, George Hickey and Dr John Bensley challenged us to gamify our city & augment our reality.  It’s time for our TEDxBrisbane tribe to put the idea into action.
Typically, many team building activities attempt to simulate the real world. However, George Hickey and Dr John Bensley decided to incorporate it. After all, insight arises from the everyday, epiphanies emerge from the mundane, and learning comes from familiar experiences reimagined. They re-examined the city and decided to turn it into a game that would use its abundant, but often overlooked forgotten and under-appreciated public artworks.
Their activity challenges teams to seek out these artworks in a scavenger hunt style race to take team photos at each location. The greater the distance from the home base, the greater the points. But speed and distance alone won’t guarantee a win. Additional points can be obtained for correctly identifying a theme and a close-up shot for each site, thus rewarding insights as well as speed. This creates the opportunity for diverging strategies, individual creativity, and engagement with the artwork. So, to enable this, they developed an app. The phone-based app guides teams with a map, allows them to submit their photos and answers from each site as they go and it aggregates points and fosters competition by displaying a real-time leaderboard. Merging art, technology, and teamwork has proven highly successful so join us to delve into the world around you, discover its secrets and realise its latent possibilities… Gamify your city and augment your reality!
Attendance at this TEDxBrisbane Adventure is exclusively available (and free) to members of the TEDxBrisbane alumni community, that is, individuals who have attended a TEDxBrisbane event in person. The first 50 alumni to register will receive an offer to attend. Please ensure you are available to participate on the date before registering for a place. A waiting list will be active in case individuals who are registered are unable to attend.
Good luck.


Date & Time:

Saturday 29 June, 8:45am for a 9am start – 1pm

Starting Location:

QUT Graduate School of Business Executive Education Centre, Gardens Point Campus, B Block, Level 4

This Adventure is made possible, at no cost to TEDxBrisbane alumni, with the support of QUT EX.