TEDxBrisbane Attendee Offer FAQs

Can I just come for one or two speakers?

No. TEDxBrisbane is an all-day event.  Each of our speakers have an idea to share worthy of a full house, and you won’t want to miss a moment.

Can I use a different email to buy my ticket than the one I used on my application form?

Please, please, please don’t do this. Technically it is possible but it is an administrative nightmare for us, and considering we’re all volunteers trying to create an amazing experience for you come event day, is this really what you want us spending our time on?

I got a ticket offer, but I don’t know anyone attending.  Can I buy an extra one so I can bring a +1?

Sorry, no.  TEDxBrisbane is not a plus-one event. We carefully review and hand-pick each audience member based on their applications. So if you received a ticket offer – congratulations. Our team were impressed by your application and we can’t wait to see you on the day.

And don’t panic.  The majority of the attendees from our past events are coming solo, and many of them regard themselves as introverts.  The TEDxBrisbane audience is a very welcoming tribe of people looking to make a difference.

Can I transfer the ticket?

Sorry, no.  Tickets and ticket offers are not transferable. We carefully review and hand-pick each audience member based on their applications.  If you discover you can’t attend before Friday 23 November we can offer refunds, less an administrative fee, and offer the place to someone on the waiting list.

Who is the Advocate calling me and what is it about?

The TEDxBrisbane Advocates are a group of hand-selected volunteers who help welcome people to our TEDx community by answering their questions and helping them make connections on the day and beyond. You can find out more about it here.  It is the first one of its kind in the TEDx world, and is a key part of the TEDxBrisbane experience.


I haven’t received an email offering me a ticket.  Does that mean I missed out?

Not necessarily.  We send everyone who correctly lodges an application an email to either offer them a ticket or let them know they are on the waiting list.  Once we have advised that the emails have gone out on our social media channels, you should check your inbox, then your spam and junk folders.  If you are using Gmail you should check your ‘Promotions’ tab, where many email offers have been caught up. If you still can’t see it – contact us.


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TEDx Audience At TEDxBrisbane
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TEDx Brisbane Audience Member
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