TEDxBrisbane 2017

Preventing Divorce: Top 3 Life Hacks For Singles

George Blair-West

World’s First Flood-Resilient Ferry Terminals

Brendan Gaffney & Arne Nilsen

Why The World Needs Backyard Inventors

Cedar Anderson

Why We Should Talk About Vulvas, Not Vaginas

Gemma Sharp

The Right To Be Heard But Not To Be Taken Seriously

Peter Ellerton

Impact Through Empathy: A Nun’s Tale

Sister Angela Mary Doyle

A Radical Approach To Working With Indigenous Communities

Denise Hagan

How A Designer Is Helping Stroke Patients

Ben MacMahon

Curing Zika Virus With A Native Australian Plant

Trudi Collet

How Materialism Will Save The Planet

Richard Denniss

Bringing Health Equity To The Bush

Rolf Gomes

How Seeing A Lawyer Can Be Good For Your Health

Tessa Boyd-Caine

The World Needs Small Ideas Too

Matt Granfield

Why Formal Qualifications Aren’t Always The Answer

Kristina Wild