TEDxBrisbane Crew 2022

TEDxBrisbane can change the world, and our crew members are crazy enough to want to be a part of the exciting, fast-paced, behind-the-scenes team that make it happen. As volunteers (like all our team roles) they are in it for the outcomes, not the income.

TEDxBrisbane crew roles span across our Operations, Production, Creative, Partnerships and Administration Teams. 

How do you become a Crew member?

Submit an application and join our database of potential future crewmembers today.  Your application will invite you to share all your skills areas – you do not need to apply for any specific crew team or role. As roles become available we will consult our applicant database as one source for recruiting new crew members across the various teams.

Do I need to be a TEDxBrisbane alumnus to become a crew member?

No. Unlike the Advocate program, it is not a requirement to have attended a TEDxBrisbane event in-person before, though for some roles it would be highly regarded. 

What kind of people make great Crew Members?

The various Crew Member roles can be quite different from team to team. However, the most important item in the recruitment of Crew members (in addition to a great attitude, a love of TEDx and a fabulous work ethic) is dedicated skills and experience in their particular area of expertise.

For example, some of the different attributes we have found that great operations and production crew members can have include:

  • People who would rather be behind the scenes, and part of the team responsible for delivering a successful event than being in the theatre itself
  • People who work in event management, are studying event management or have some volunteer experience in event management
  • People who work in stage or theatre production or stage management or are currently studying in this area
  • Introverts who want to contribute to TEDxBrisbane but aren’t comfortable with the networking required of Advocates
  • People with skills in logistics, administration, transport, catering or exhibition spaces.

The skills we are looking for vary from team to team, however, if you have skills, experience and expertise in the areas of operations, event management, stage production, creative design, partnerships, sponsorships and stakeholder engagement, or organisational administration – we’d love to hear from you.