TEDxBrisbane FAQs

Questions about the event

Where & when is TEDxBrisbane being held?

We are currently in the process of finalising dates for our 2018 TEDxBrisbane event calendar.  Stay tuned.  TEDxBrisbane 2017 was held at The Tivoli, 52 Costin Street, Fortitude Valley on Saturday 2 December. It was an all-day event.

What are the key event times?

TEDxBrisbane is an all-day event. The schedule will be available in the lead up to the event.  As a general guide, in 2017 doors opened for registration, coffee, and engagement with our activation spaces at 9am. We requested that all participants arrived no later than 9:30am to ensure everyone was registered and seated in the theatre for the first on-stage session to kick off on time at 10am.  Registrations for our all-day event closed at 9:45am.

The day included four on-stage sessions, plus off-stage engagement and activation spaces.  The formal component of the day concluded at 6pm (the end of Session 4).

All participants were invited to remain with us at The Tivoli for the 2-hour, Post-Event after party from 6-8pm.  This event was exclusively for TEDxBrisbane ticket holders and was included in the ticket price.

I’ve never attended a TEDx event before.  What should I expect?

We got this question quite a bit.  We’ve written a blog post that gives you some insight into what to expect and how to prepare.

Will you be running the 1 Minute TEDx Talks this year?

We are currently reviewing whether we will include the 1-Minute TEDx Talks as part of our 2018 program. Historically, we invite our confirmed audience members to pitch us a 1-minute idea if they feel they have an idea worth spreading. This opportunity is made exclusively to confirmed audience members shortly after they purchase their ticket. Our curatorial team then handpick the best 8-12 ideas and invite those audience members to present their 1-minute idea on the main TEDxBrisbane stage on event day.  In order to be considered to pitch, you must first successfully apply for an audience ticket.

When will speakers be announced?

Some TEDx events announce speakers months ahead of the event.  Others make you wait until event day to find out who is speaking.  At TEDxBrisbane we announce our the majority of our speakers after applications close, but before event day.  We do this very intentionally as we want people to apply to attend because they want to become a part of our TEDx community, and not because they are fans of one or two individual speakers.

Can I just come for one or two speakers?

No. TEDxBrisbane is an all-day event. We take extending offers to join our community very seriously, and you should be absolutely certain you can commit to attending the whole day and immersing yourself in the experience before accepting an offer and buying a ticket. If you don’t think you can make that commitment please let you offer lapse and we’ll give someone on the waiting list the chance.

When will the TEDxBrisbane App be available?

The TEDxBrisbane 2017 app remains available for use by people who attended TEDxBrisbane 2017. If you haven’t visited for a while, now is a great time to catch up.  The 2018 app will be available for phones running iOs or Android operating systems in the lead up to our 2018 events.  Stay tuned for more information closer to the date.  In order to use the app you must log in using the email associated with your TEDxBrisbane ticket.  Please download the app and complete your profile as soon as possible.

Where can I park on the day?

We will provide suggestions for parking and public transport closer to event day.

Will there be food?

Yes. You should have a really great breakfast that morning before you arrive, but once you do, we will be providing food and drinks for the rest of the day – the whole time you are at the event.  The menu is very deliberately designed by our Event Manager & Food Curator to be very vegan- friendly, while allowing meat to be added for meat-lovers, as well.  And the coeliacs amongst us can always find a gluten-free option.

Your dedicated advocate will be calling you a week or two before the event.  Be sure to tell them if you have any special dietary requirements.

Who is this advocate that will be calling me?

The vast majority of our volunteering roles are in the form of our TEDxBrisbane Advocates.  Hand-selected volunteers who help welcome people coming to our event by answering their questions, and helping them make connections on the day and beyond. You can find out more about it here.  We understand it is the first one of its kind in the TEDx world, though a number of other TEDx events from around the world have now been in contact with us looking to replicate it at their events.

How can I attend TEDxBrisbane?

To stay up to date on when applications are open for future events please subscribe for updates here on the website and follow us on social.

To attend future events you will need to submit an application.  TEDxBrisbane operates a curated audience model. We believe who we invite to participate in the audience is as important as what we program: because our participants will be charged with standing up and carrying our TEDxBrisbane “ideas worth spreading” into the world. A TEDxBrisbane audience is a remarkable group of people. They are open-minded, curious, intelligent and eager to learn. They are also people who have demonstrated they are the doers of the world. People who have demonstrated they can make a difference in the world in some way, big or small, local or global. Given that demand for our tickets greatly exceeds supply we strongly encourage you to be considered when completing your application.

How can I apply to speak at TEDxBrisbane in the future?

TEDxBrisbane operates an invitation-only curatorial model. We receive a lot of questions about applying to speak so we wrote a blog post to provide more information.

How can I apply to be a volunteer?

The vast majority of our volunteering roles are in the form of our TEDxBrisbane Advocate program. You can find out more about it here. There are some exceptions, including for specialist, skills-based roles where we seek out people with demonstrated knowledge, skills and impact in that field. If you are interested in volunteering in the future the best first step is to apply for a seat in the audience as a way to join the community.

What’s the best way to stay up to date with announcements and information?

You can follow us on our various social media channels and also subscribe to email updates.

What should I wear?

It’s Brisbane. Think summer, think comfortable, think sitting in chairs for 4 sessions of 90 minutes in air-conditioning and then heading outside for the activation spaces. TEDxers are all about ideas. We are a fashion-critic free space. You do you.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You need to bring a print out of your ticket plus your ID.  Your ID will be used to confirm you are over 18, and you are a person we extended a ticket offer to. You should bring along your smartphone (if you have one) with the TEDxBrisbane app downloaded and ready to go.  The app will be launched ahead of event day, and we will announce when it is available on our social media channels.  Other than this, just bring along an open mind and a willingness to participate in the day.  Please note: the allocated scholarship tickets will be available for collection from registration.

Is everything at TEDxBrisbane G-Rated?

No. For more information, we suggest you read our content advisory statement.

What is the link between TEDxBrisbane and TEDxSouthBank?

In 2017 the Team from TEDxSouthBank were invited by TED HQ to change their name to the city-wide TEDxBrisbane. We are very excited to embrace the city-wide name, reflecting our mission to showcase Brisbane’s best ideas to the world, to bring the world’s best ideas to Brisbane, and to nurture and support a highly-engaged community within our city.

Questions about tickets

How much do tickets cost?

TEDxBrisbane 2017 tickets cost $130 including booking fee and GST. TEDxBrisbane is run on a not for profit basis. Where budget allows a number of scholarships are offered for people whose financial situation would otherwise prevent them from attending. There is a dedicated question in the application form for people wishing to be considered for scholarship tickets.

The ticket covers the full-day program including talks and performances, activation space activities, catering throughout the event, exclusive access to the TEDxBrisbane app, a 2-hour after party, an event t-shirt, booking & transaction fees and GST.

Can I apply for multiple tickets?

No.  Each application is for a single ticket, with the exception of individuals who need a support worker to accompany them (see below).  If you would like your partner, friend or work colleagues to come along with you, they need to submit an application and hope they receive an offer.  Be sure to encourage them to apply before the closing date.

I got a ticket offer but my friend didn’t. Can I buy an extra one for them to come with me?

TEDxBrisbane is not a plus-one event. We carefully review and hand-pick each audience member based on their applications. You cannot apply for additional tickets for people. This same rule applies regardless of whether they did not apply in the application window or their application was not successful. But if you received a ticket offer – congratulations. Our team sees something really impressive in you and we can’t wait to see you on the day.

I got a ticket but my boyfriend didn’t. He’s been loving TED Talks for longer than I have. Can I transfer the ticket to him?

First of all – congratulations you got an offer. Secondly, no – tickets and ticket offers are not transferable. We carefully review and hand-pick each audience member based on their applications – and we decided we want you. If we catch people trying to use their ticket code but register for a different name we void the offer and the ticket, and then neither of you could go. And even if you could – why would you want to? It’s going to be amazing. Encourage your boyfriend to be a part of the day by hosting a viewing party and inviting his mates. The live stream is going to be great. And there’s always next year.

I’m thinking of applying for an audience ticket because I want to be eligible to apply to give a 1-Minute TEDx Talk. If I don’t get offered a speaking spot can I get a refund on my ticket? 

If you are only looking to apply to be a part of our event and community because you are looking for the chance to speak from the stage we are probably not the right community for you.  We would seriously recommend you only apply if you are looking to be a part of the community, even if you are not selected to present an idea from the stage. The successful finalists for the 1-Minute TEDx Talk are typically notified after the last date for refunds has passed, so a refund at this time would not be possible.  It also is out of step with the values of our event and community, which is all about participating and contributing whether it is from the stage, or in discussions with fellow participants. For more information on our general refund policy please read the information regarding this on the FAQ page.

I bought tickets and now I can’t go. Can I get a refund?

TEDxBrisbane is run on a not for profit basis, so our budget is very tight. Once we confirm numbers and make payments for items such as printing, t-shirts, and catering, we can’t change it. As such, we can offer refunds, less an administrative fee up until Friday 17 November. No refunds can be made after this time, so please be very certain you can attend the event before buying your ticket.

I need my support worker to attend with me. Is that okay?

In order to ensure we allow for the right number of tickets to be offered it is essential that any individual who requires a disability support worker to accompany them indicates they have this need at the time of application. There is a dedicated question in the application form for this purpose. If your application is successful you will be offered and will need to purchase two tickets.

Can I use a different email to buy my ticket than the one I used on my application form?

Please, please, please don’t do this. Technically it is possible but it is an administrative nightmare for us, and considering we’re all volunteers trying to create an amazing experience for you come event day, is this really what you want us spending our time on?

Can children under 18 years attend?

Not this year.  TEDxBrisbane is an intense, immersive, full-attention, all-day experience.  It requires the audience to be perfectly quiet during the filming of sessions, there are adult themes within the content and the full-day is potentially exhausting for the most stoic of adults.  In 2017 we are also hosting our event at a licensed venue, where alcohol will be served as part of the post-event function.  We are interested in hearing from the community whether there is interest in a [email protected] event in 2018, and/or having a dedicated simulcast area for parents with babies or young children at future events.  Please contact us via the website to express interest.  For this year we strongly encourage parents, schools, teachers and engaged young people to host viewing parties and screen the live stream on the day.

Do I need to bring my ticket and ID?

Yes.  We need you to bring your ticket and ID, which we will use to check you are the person we offered a ticket to, that you are over 18, and that you have purchased/secured one of the tickets for the day.

I missed out on a ticket offer. How can I join the waiting list?

At this time the waiting list is only available for people who applied during the application window, but who did not receive a first-round ticket offer.  If you missed out on applying before the deadline, please follow us on social media and subscribe to our updates via the website to keep up to date with future events and application deadlines.

I haven’t received an email offering me a ticket.  Does that mean I missed out?

Not necessarily.  We send everyone who correctly lodges an application an email to either offer them a ticket or let them know they are on the waiting list.  Once we have advised that the emails have gone out on our social media channels, you should check your inbox, then your spam and junk folders.  If you are using Gmail you should check your ‘Promotions’ tab, where many email offers have been caught up.  If you still can’t see it – contact us.

In most instances, we discover that when people don’t receive an email it is because they made typos when entering their email address into the application form.  Once we go through the process of correcting their details, we then resend it to them. But in a small number of cases, people have not successfully submitted an application.  In most instances, they navigated away from the application page before it was fully loaded, and did not wait to see the confirmation screen, despite the large yellow warning box not to do so.  We hate when this happens, typically once or twice a year, but unfortunately, we can’t do anything about those unlodged applications other than to encourage people to follow the instructions very carefully next time. Please remember that even if you have missed out, you can still be a part of the day via the live stream, which is great, and was viewed by 1,000 people from 17 different countries in 2016.

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