LIBBY SCHURING: Becoming A Mentor for Women

LIBBY SCHURING: Becoming A Mentor for Women

“We’ve all had times when we’ve felt stuck in the status quo of life – career, relationships, parenthood,” says Libby Schuring.

After 14 years of teaching, she knew she wanted something new, a way to give back to young women. But she just wasn’t sure what that something might look like.

Libby Schuring attended TEDxSouthBank 2016 after a series of empowering coaching sessions.

“I was feeling as though I needed to expose myself to others that had made changes in their lives. Like most careers, you don’t often get the chance to really see how others live and make change,” she recalls.

“TEDxSouthBank gave me that chance.”


“Every speaker left me wanting to know more about why they had made their particular change, or were advocating a certain idea,” Libby says of the 2016 speakers.

“It was emotional to watch them. I felt amazed, empowered, and enlightened all at once.”

We often hear this from our alumni – that they experience ‘change moments’ at TEDx that literally alter the course of their lives. For Libby, this moment came in the form of a fellow event attendee.

“I met a beautiful lady at the event, and we quickly realised that we’d both attended for similar reasons. While every speaker on the day was incredible, it was this real-life connection that has meant the most to me. In fact, she has become a great part of my life and support network.”


“I remember watching each speaker – with their own dreams and inspirations – and thinking that I could do that too! The conference gave me the push I needed to make changes and follow some of my own dreams.

Before I applied to attend, I’d never considered or written anything like my application. Attending allowed me to realise that you have to put yourself out there and be open to new opportunities in order to make changes in your life.”

Shortly afterwards, Libby completed two courses – one on life coaching, and the other on youth mentoring – and was accepted into an aspiring leaders program.

She’s now on the verge of launching a youth mentoring and coaching business for mothers, teenage girls, and young women.

“Life throws you curve balls. Sometimes they might be moments that appear simple, or common –adolescence, for example, or working in a job that isn’t what you dreamt it would be, or becoming a parent.

“In my own experience, I found being a teenager challenging. Then, becoming a teacher, I saw some glaring holes in the emotional and mental health of young people, particularly girls.

“And then, becoming a mother had its own unique challenges. While I love my children, I have found it one of the most challenging and confronting roles of my life – particularly in terms of keeping my sense of self.”

Through her coaching and mentoring, Libby hopes to support women to make positive choices and changes in their lives. She is designing youth courses for schools, which aim to add value to current in-school emotional and mental health programs.

“If I can ease the journey for just a small group of women and inspire them to walk in their light, I know that I will have made a difference.

“It is easy to just do life, but not really experience it. TEDxSouthBank inspired me to experience life differently.”

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