JUANITA WHEELER: Busting The Charity Overhead Myth

When Juanita Wheeler attended TEDxSouthBankWomen in 2012 she was at a crossroads.  She was a director of global marketing for a multinational corporation, but she had fallen out of love with her work.  She wanted to do something bigger, something more important, and something that would change the world.  The speakers at TEDxSouthBankWomen suggested such a thing might be possible.

A few months later when a corporate restructure gave Juanita the opportunity to accept a redundancy package and start anew, Juanita asked herself ‘What’s next?’  It was now or never.  Juanita decided to follow her passion and dedicate herself to changing the way Australians think about charity and the nonprofit sector. In May 2013, five months after TEDxSouthBankWomen dared her to dream, Juanita formed her own consultancy firm, Full & Frank.  Since then she has helped organisations such as Hummingbird House, the YWCA and the Puuya Foundation to think and act strategically to achieve their mission sooner.  Juanita has even bigger plans, and continues to ask ‘What’s next?’



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