JOSHUA KNIGHT: Inspiring a Love of Learning

JOSHUA KNIGHT: Inspiring a Love of Learning

Joshua Knight flew home early from a family holiday to attend TEDxSouthBank 2016. A business mentor had highly recommended the event to him, and he thought it was something he couldn’t miss.

“TEDxSouthBank was quite a unique experience,” Joshua said. “Advocates and attendees alike welcomed me that day and I felt an instant feeling of community.”

Those who attended TEDxSouthBank 2016 might remember Joshua. He won the one-minute talk that year – a competition to pitch your idea worth spreading in 60 seconds or less.

“But even with more than 20 years experience as a professional speaker and facilitator, I knew I had a lot of preparation to do to pitch my idea in one minute that day!”

On the surface, Joshua’s talk was about his unique approach to pocket money.

“I suggested that at an early age you’re able to see a child’s temperament. I asked, ‘what if we tailor our approach to pocket money to meet our children’s temperament, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach?’ We had tried this successfully with our son.

“If you thought it was a talk about pocket money, you missed the point. It’s about conscious parenting.”


In the break, people were constantly coming up to Joshua to thank him for his idea. They said they could relate to what he had shared, and wanted to learn how try it with their kids.

“Until I gave the talk at TEDxSouthBank I didn’t realise the true value of putting your ideas out there and sharing what you’ve got to offer.

“I’d taken a risk sharing a personal idea with people who may or may not relate to it and the response was incredible.”


One of the competition prizes was a consulting session with event partner Deloitte to explore the idea further.

“Talking with Deloitte was a catalyst for developing my idea in a different direction.”

“Someone passed comment on the term ‘conscious parenting’. He said he didn’t like it because it made him feel judged. That helped me understand that my idea was much bigger than I originally thought.”

Joshua researched conscious parenting and other parenting styles further and found the concept had various interpretations. His idea started to develop.

Joshua now finds himself semi-retired from the corporate world and steering toward something he believes has a greater sense of purpose – a new business venture that will help parents and educators make an impact.

“We are focused on showing parents and educators how to get away from textbook models and back to the basics of understanding and appreciating children’s temperaments. We’re wanting to show them how to approach education, communication, change and parenting in a way that is adapted to the individual child.

“For too long, far too many little people (and big people) have lost their love of learning because they feel forced to learn in a format that isn’t tailored to their temperament.”

Joshua credits his experience at TEDxSouthBank as instrumental in these developments and the direction his life has taken.

“I can absolutely attest that I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t attended TEDxSouthBank. If I hadn’t had the opportunity to take a risk, to share my idea and discuss it with others, I would not be here.”

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