JACKIE CAMPBELL: A Veterinarian Realises Her Vision for Compassionate Care


When Jackie Campbell attended the inaugural TEDxSouthBankWomen in December 2012, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“It was the first time the event had ever been held at SouthBank, so it was a big unknown. But I loved TED Talks so I hoped that some of that magic would transfer to the Brisbane event,” Jackie said.

Jackie was a veterinarian by profession, and had spent the last few years with her head down, tail up focusing on her high intensity career. “It can be a demanding job,” Jackie said.

Jackie’s focus on her career had left her little time for much else, “I loved being a veterinarian, but I was so focussed on my career I realised I had been neglecting other aspects of my life and had started to lose a sense of connection with the community. That’s what I hoped TEDxSouthBankWomen would be for me. A way to reengage, and reevaluate some of my priorities, both personally and professionally.”

She wasn’t sure how this would look but found no end of inspiration on the day.

“I’d say almost every positive thing I have done since attending that first event in 2012, can in some way be attributed to TEDxSouthBank.”


“It was amazing to see all these incredible speakers up on the stage not only talking about the great things they had done but encouraging us to expand our horizons too. The light bulb moment for me was when Justine Flynn gave her talk about Thankyou Water, about how you can take an ordinary everyday process like buying water, and use it to do great good, how we can make a difference in seemingly small ways to achieve significant change.” Inspired by her TEDx experience, Jackie jumped into her goal of reengaging with her community, hosting quarterly documentary events on a broad range of topics and encouraging discussion and the sharing of ideas within her local community.



A year later Jackie returned to attend TEDxSouthBankWomen 2013, this time as an Advocate and by now the seed of a new idea had begun to develop. “I was so lucky to have the opportunity to come back and loved the fact I was able to play a role in the experiences the new participants had. The speakers were just as inspiring and motivational as the year before and Gabrielle Quilliam’s talk about Hummingbird House, Queensland’s only children’s hospice seemed to be speaking directly to me.”

“For some time I had been naturally gravitating towards one particular area of veterinary medicine. I kept thinking that if humans can have access to a hospice service, why can’t our pets? Her talk was a real kick along for me. And the great part about TEDxSouthBank is how accessible all the speakers are. I went up and spoke to Gabrielle, as well as a range of other inspiring people in attendance, and they all said the same thing – you should do this.”


Jackie spent the next few months nurturing her idea, talking to people about it, setting up the company and developing the legal infrastructure she would need to be able to make it work. She then launched Sunset Home Veterinary Care, a mobile veterinary service that specialises in palliative care options and provides compassionate in-home euthanasia for pets in need. Driven to deliver better emotional support to families with terminally ill pets and help reduce the impact of painful conditions like osteoarthritis, she is now pioneering this new standard of veterinary care across South East Queensland.

 “For me, it’s about ensuring quality of life and then ultimately the most peaceful passing we can manage. We work with families to ensure the days, weeks or months leading up to that point are the best they can be for these much loved (albeit furry) members of the family. If I can make that difficult time a little easier for both the family and the pet then I’ve done my job,” Jackie said.

“In 2014 I once again returned to TEDxSouthBank as an Advocate, and it was another amazing event.  Amongst the many inspiring conversations of the day was one I had with fellow animal lover Katie. We stayed in contact over the months that followed and Katie and I are now working together to bring the Pets in the Park health care program to Brisbane. This exciting initiative provides much needed veterinary care for pets of people experiencing homelessness in our communities. We will be launching our pilot clinic in conjunction with the Salvation Army Street Level program in February 2016.”

Jackie Campbell pictured at TEDxSouthBankWomen


It has clearly been a journey of both personal and professional growth for Jackie, much of which she attributes to the power of the TEDxSouthBank community. Her business continues to grow, recently taking on two new veterinarians and she is currently considering opportunities to expand interstate.

“TEDxSouthBank has definitely changed my life,” Jackie said.

“It’s such an amazing community and being a part of it challenges me to do better and to be better every day. I’d say almost every positive thing I have done since attending that first event in 2012, can in some way be attributed to TEDxSouthBank.”

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